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Home chefs and foodies inspired by eating at establishments here and around the world, or who secretly watch the TV chefs – we can fit you out like a professional but on a smaller scale.   Come and have a chat about what essential high end appliances and gadgets you might want to compliment your culinary endeavours. Our cast iron ware, like Chasseur and copper pots and pans, will last forever and in only get better with time. We stock all things KitchenAid for the keen bakers and a variety of utensils you didn’t even know existed.  For knives, our range is second to none and includes brands like Shun, Wusthof, Global knives.

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Are you Designing a new kitchen?

If you’re about to design a new kitchen and you want to source those wow pieces to finish off a build, call in and meet with Rob for honest advice about what will complement your plans.  Our products won’t need replacing in a year – we wholly believe in quality over quantity and investing in food.

kitchen serveware

For serveware, we have a host of cutlery choices and a vast range of Acme crockery.  Pasta makers have a variety of pasta machines and accessories to chose to create silky smooth pasta.

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